Saturday, October 13, 2012


We need to work on three things.

The why, the who, and a petition.

After visiting with Councilman Wardle, I recognize that these three things are our hope for legalizing miniature goats in Tooele. (And I realized that keeping them miniature makes all the difference).

The why.

This legislation process has been a great education for me. I have realized that I must set emotion aside and focus on the facts. This issue is very emotional for me, so its been a great lesson. If we are ever going to convince the city to take this seriously, we will have to help them see "why" this matters. Our facts need to be solid.

The who.

What other cities in Utah allow miniature goats to be kept. I haven't found any. I was talking to somebody yesterday that said West Jordan allows them. However, finding cities comparable to our own, such as Cedar City, Spanish Fork, would be helpful. It gives them something to look at and see that somebody else in our state has done this. Do you know any?

A petition.
I started a petition three years ago and have many signatures. However, what I failed to do was collect people's addresses, showing that they are Tooele residents. This detail is important.

I happen to have a booth at the Pumpkin Walk at Benson Grist Mill this weekend and decided to put a petition out and start collecting signatures. Others have arranged to have a Nigerian Dwarf out for people to see. She and her baby will be hanging out in my booth today. If you are in the area, stop by and pet the goat. While you are there, we'd love to have your signature on the petition. Tell your friends to come by also.

Hope to see you there.

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