Wednesday, August 7, 2013

No Goats for Now

Scott Wardle has been very kind in helping me to understand the process and help me get the information I was proposing into the hands of the chairman, Dave McCall. Unfortunately, the goat issue won't be put on the agenda at this time. Most of the council agreed not to take it on.

It's really a bigger issue than just goats. Because if they legalize miniature goats, the concern is about what's next. The city has been approached by many people about making changes that would allow animals that are not currently legal to own. So in order to take on this issue, it will have to be examined in the big picture, considering other animals, how big they are, appropriate lot sizes, and so forth. The current chairman doesn't want to take this on.

However, I am not giving up. What now?

We continue to collect signatures on our petition. After the first of the year we will try again. We need as many signatures of Tooele City Residents as possible. I've found that most people are happy to sign my petition. I would say 99% say yes. Many of them would never own a miniature goat, but don't care if their neighbor does.

Anybody want to help collect signatures?


  1. Let me know when the time comes... :-)

  2. I'm from Tooele and would be glad to sign the goat petition. I love that they allowed chickens.