Friday, July 10, 2009

New Adventure Turned Sour: Part One

Meet Ms. Billy, my hope for goat milk soap. We adopted her about six months ago. She had been found running loose and was picked up by animal control. They couldn't keep her at the pound and was fostered by one of the officers that owns owns a property behind ours. I have wanted to make goat milk soap for years. I love the smooth creamy texture of soap made with goat milk. When I realized she was seeking a home for Ms. Billy I jumped on the chance.
The next challenge was getting milk, since Ms. Billy was all dried up. After spending about four months reading and learning and caring for Ms. Billy, she began producing milk one day. Being no goat expert I took her to the vet and started asking more questions in general, only to discover that Ms. Billy was prengant. Well, at least that's what I was pretty sure of. It wasn't until I walked out early one morning to find two babies that I was absolutely sure. That is when the adventure began. I was going to make goat milk soap.

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