Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Adventure Turned Sour: Part Two

What an adventure! New baby goats. We all fell in love with them immediately and named the babies Billy the Kid and Annie Oakley. They jumped right up into our laps when we went out and sat on the tire playground the children made. We spent hours playing with them. I never new when I got a goat that I could become so attached.
I was also thrilled to know I would have more milk than I knew what to do with. Unfortunately, the day after the babies were born a Courtesy Notice was delivered to our door, informing us that we were not zoned for goats. There had been some misunderstandings between the different departments of the city and as I looked into the ordinance, I found that in fact we were not zoned for goats, even with our half acre.
We were all devastated to lose the goats. But after many tears, we found a new home for Ms. Billy and began our new adventure. Goat legislation. I am in the process of putting together a proposal to change the Tooele City Ordinance concerning goats being kept in residential areas on properties with appropriate space. I've read ordinances from many other cities to learn how they have dealt with such issues. I've learned that cities like Seattle, Washington and Pasadena, California have made room for goats, adding restrictions appropriate to those areas. I'm thinking that if they made room, surely surely there is room on my half acre in Tooele. I've had some positive conversations with City Councilmen and the Mayor and hope to finish putting my proposal together and gather up the signatures for my petition soon.
We all miss Ms. Billy, but I did put some milk away in the freezer so we could start on the project of making goatmilk soap. I'll add another entry about that project soon. I've learned some interesting things about goatmilk, and am anxious to test out some product.

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