Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Goat Legislation

There have been so many changes in my soapmaking venture. I made a very wise decision to shut down the business a year and a half ago. I will always make soap because I love the process and the product. And perhaps I should be sharing bits of soap wisdom in this blog.

My hopes to change the laws concerning goats and bring Ms. Billy home were dashed to pieces about a year ago when I received a letter from the city saying they were not willing to consider changing the ordinance concerning goats. I was very discouraged by this. I shoved the letter into a binder and have ignored it for about a year. Except in those moments when I cry because I had to get rid of an animal I'd become very attached to. Except in those moments when I see dogs running the neighborhood and remember how the city believes that goats are more trouble than dogs. And especially...except in those moments when I worry about our economy and how people are going to continue to feed their families. And I wonder about a city dictating what citizens can do with their personal property because they don't want to have to deal with those who are not responsible in caring for their animals. I worry about this last one the most. If families are trying to work hard to become as self-reliant as possible, why stand in their way.

I'm taking it before the City Council tonight. I've had friends encourage me to do this. I've talked to people in other cities who are fighting similar battles. I'm tired of this eating at me. I need to express my thoughts to these public officials again. I'm looking for support. If you are close enough to show up at the meeting and want to come support this cause, the meeting is tonight, May 4 at 7:30 in the Tooele City Hall.

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