Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Deer in Tooele

You may have seen the deer that hang out in the Elton Park area. They are beautiful and seem to grown in number every year.

They are becoming more aggressive in my garden. It used to be that they showed up occasionally, but if you want to see deer in the early morning hours of each day, I know the spot.

They'll be leaping over my back fence to nibble on my fruit trees and nip off the tops of my struggling tomato plants. Later in the year they will take a bite out of a tomato and then move on to the next juicy red fruit, leaving each remaining tomato inedible by the time I get to it. They've stripped the bottom half of my fruit trees this year.

I finally called the city. They won't do anything. Basically, if I don't want the deer in my yard I have to put up a ten foot fence (around half an acre) or find other means to keep them from eating up my food. Can you picture a ten foot fence across the front part of my yard?

Now here's the interesting thing.

How big is a goat compared to a deer? How much nuisance is a caged goat compared to a deer who can jump my fence? Whose job should it be to take care of these animals that now call our city their home? Why won't the city take responsibility for removing the deer when they required that I remove the goat?

I can't have milk. It's illegal. I can't have eggs. The dogs and raccoons slaughtered my chickens. I can't even have a garden. It belongs to the deer.

In other words, the deer have more rights than I do.

What can we do as citizens to claim our rights?

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