Thursday, July 26, 2012

Goats and Weed Control

I was pulling some big weeds yesterday and sure wished Ms. Billy was there to take care of them for me. Weed control is one of the many reasons I hear people say they wish they could get a goat.

Have you seen the weeds in Tooele. These pictures were taken June 29, 2011. If you look at the same fields right now the weeds are much more of a fire hazard. But it shows clearly a problem we deal with every year. I think my favorite is the tree hanging into the alley in the center picture. I'm not sure a car could even drive down that alley. It makes me laugh. Those awful elm trees were Ms. Billy's favorite. Stake her out there for a few days or trim the branches and throw them into her pen and she'd take good care.

In many communities including large cities such as Los Angeles, goats have become part of the solution.  They are friendlier to the environment and make the work easier for people trying to solve the problem.  Goats are happy to eat the noxious weeds and brush we are trying to control.  They love elm trees and would successfully open up the alley pictured above if given the chance.

One Tooele resident who has owned goats for eight years is happy with the job they do with his weeds.  People often ask to borrow his goats to get their weeds under control.  Another Tooele resident said, “I wish I could have a goat to help my weed problem.”  Goats really are an asset where weeds are concerned.

Although a few extra goats in the residential zones of Tooele are not going to completely solve the weed problems Tooele faces, it is a step in the right direction. Goats can be part of the solution.

Wouldn't you love to have a goat for your weeds? Where would you keep your goat?

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