Saturday, July 14, 2012

Goats in my Novel

Every story ought to have a goat.

Okay. Maybe not every story.
But they always seem to make it into mine.
Part of what has sidetracked me from the goat effort the last little while is my novel. I finished it but will edit it several more times…I’m sure. I managed to add goats to the underground civilization I created in in my novel, Lost Generation. These fictional people who live underground are trying to be self-reliant and a goat just made sense.
The novel before that had a goat too.
I just started working on a new novel and I’m having thoughts about adding a goat. Another one. I must be obsessed.  I keep looking for other options. But Tahlia needs an animal companion. One that is loving and useful. From experience I know that goats qualify for this position.
Maybe I can’t have a goat, but Tahlia can.
Should I add a goat or would some other animal work better?

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