Friday, July 13, 2012

Why Consider Goats?

These are some of the general reasons I've listed in the packet I intend to submit to Tooele City.

·         Most sources state that goats were one of the first animals to be domesticated about 10,000 years ago.  Many sources compare this with dogs, showing that both animals were domesticated approximately the same time.  In fact, when passing Council Bill Number 116014, the City of Seattle stated that “goats, along with dogs are the earliest animals domesticated by humans, roughly 10,000 years ago”.

·         More goat’s milk is consumed worldwide than cow’s milk.

·         Goat’s milk has a more easily digested fat and protein content than cow’s milk.  This makes it an excellent possible choice for those who have allergies or intolerance to cow’s milk.  Sources for goat milk in Tooele are limited.  Goat milk is generally more expensive than cow milk making it harder for struggling families to supply the needed solution for children or adults who deal with this challenge.

·         Many progressive cities are recognizing the value goats have to offer as a sustainable choice for a pet.  These cities include: Seattle (pop. 563,374), Berkeley (pop.169,327), Charlottesville (pop. 41,487), Austin (pop. 26,851), St. Paul (pop. 285,058), Portland (pop. 562,182) and Pasadena (pop. 143,667). 

What other reasons should be included?

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